Case Study

Key result: Improved open rates

Leading Shooting Sports News Service Improves open rates within 5-10% in less than 7 days.

The news service couldn’t understand why its emails weren’t authenticating properly. Their team believed they had an issue with their SPF record but they weren’t certain and they didn’t know where to start. Their main tool for identifying this issue was a free, online service. They used it to determine if their SPF, DKIM and DMARC records were passing but it did little to help once it delivered the results. 

When the opportunity presented itself for them to find outside help, they jumped on it and hired Mr. Deliverability during their initial consultation.

The Challenge

Their emails weren’t authenticating 100% of the time. This is an issue because they are a recognizable brand and it’s more important than ever that they protect their online reputation. Failure to do so can allow imposters to swoop in and email their subscribers, which can ruin the trust that they’ve spent years building.

A 5-10% jump in open rates could mean thousands of dollars in revenue growth month over month.

The client

Based in Florida, they are a leader in the Shooting Sports News industry. They provide daily gun deals and firearm news via email.

How Mr. Deliverability Helped

In order to align our client’s sending practices with our industry’s best practices, Mr. Deliverability recommended that they create a new sub-domain specifically for their email channel.  By doing so, we would see the following benefits:

  1. Consistency around domain authentication. Mr. Deliverability helped the team create a new sub-domain, and to develop a plan to introduce this new domain to their existing subscribers.
  2. Separation of domain reputation. Having domains that are now exclusive to each current email channel will allow the reputations of each channel to remain separate from each other.  
  3. Exclusive tracking metrics for each domain. Mr. Deliverability was able to establish deliverability monitoring for each sending domain currently in use.  This allowed the Mr. Deliverability team to track and provide deliverability analytics for each brand, and provide separate strategies based on their unique performances.

The Results

Our client leveraged Mr. Deliverabilty’s expertise on email authentication to successfully separate the domains for their two email channels (newsletters and comments), and confirm that each domain is now authenticating correctly, 100% of the time.  By creating a separate domain for their email newsletter channel, we are now able to separate their reputations, and eliminate the concerns of one vertical negatively impacting the other.

As a result of introducing a new sub-domain, the client saw an 18% increase in open rates for their weekly newsletter. 


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