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7 Ways to Ensure More Emails Reach Your Subscribers

The decision to go all-in on email isn’t something small businesses and marketers take lightly. You devote their time and energy to learning everything they need to do it right, and despite your best efforts, 1 in 6 emails goes to spam.

To some, this might not seem high or alarming, but when it’s the difference between thousands or millions of dollars in revenue, it adds up.

Time to stop leaving money on the table

I talk to small business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle to reach the inbox every day, and they come to me with mixed emotions. Some are upset. ‘I’m not a spammer. How dare Google mark my messages as spam?’ Some are frantic. ‘My customer said my emails are going to spam. What do I do now? I need this fixed yesterday’ While others think of it as a prognosis versus a death sentence or cause for panic.

If you find yourself in the former groups, you’re not alone.

There are several reasons why your emails are going to spam. We created this graphic to help you troubleshoot your spam issues and see more ROI from your emails.

less spam

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